Pear Scion


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9″ tp 12″ Dormant Apple wood cuttings for grafting.

We are not responsible for items lost or delayed in shipping if you chose USPS delivery.

Contact Us for availability of bulk orders quantity  above listed availably.

Orders begin shipping Late January / Early February if not combined with a tree / Rootstock order.

Scion orders placed with Rootstock ship around March 1st.

Scion orders placed with Trees ship approximately:

USDA Zones 6-9               March 1st

USDA Zone 5                   March 15th

USDA ZONE 4                  April 5th

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Anjou, Ayers, Bosc, Chojuro, Clara Frijs, Dabney, Dana Hovey, David, Deveci, Douglas, Duchess, Gin, Green Jade, Honey Asian, Honey Sweet, Hosui, Korean Giant, Jumbo, Kieffer, Magness, Maxine, Orient, Plumblee, TS Hardy, Raja, Rotkottig Frau Oster, Seckel (Extra Large), St Nickolas, Sueri, Summercrisp, Treasure, TS Hardy, Warren


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