Apple Scion


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9″ tp 12″ Dormant Apple wood cuttings for grafting. Orders begin shipping Late January / Early February if not combined with a tree / rootstock order.


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39th Parallel, A Club, Ahaiski Sweet, Aivania, Akero, Alexander, American Summer Pearmain, Anise Russet, Antonovka 1.5 #, Antonovka Shafran, Api Etoile, Apple Pear Cross, Apricot, Arkansas Black, Arlet, Arlie Red Flesh, Ashmead's Kernel, Astrid, Aurora, Baldwin, Bashkian Beauty, Bell Fleur Rouge, Ben Davis, Benoni, Bill's Redflesh, Bitter Forest, Black Amish, Black Ben Davis, Black Limbertwig, Black Twig, Blue Pearmain, Blushing Golden, Bogo Belle de Boskkoop, Bonkers, Bonney's Best, Braeburn, Bramley, Breakwell Seedling, Brown's Apple, Brushy Mt Limbertwig, Bushey Grove, Butterball, Calville Blanc, Cameo, Caney Fork Limbertwig, Cap of liberty, Carter's Blue, Catshead, Cheddar, Chenango Strawberry, Chestnut Crab, Chieftan ) Chisel Jersey, Chris' Seedling, Cinnamon Spice, Clark's Green Summer, Clark's Crab, Clark's Red Yellow Summer, Clifford, Compfort, Co-op 4, Co-op 29, Co-op 30, Co-op 38, Coopers Market, Cox Orange Cherry, Cox's Orange Pippen, Cripp's Pink, Crow's Egg, Dabinett, Dabney, Devonshire Quarrenden, Djulabia, Dolgo, Doux Normandel, Dudley, Egremont Russet, Empire, Empress, Eve's Delight, Fall Russet, Florina (AKA Querina), Fuji, Gala, Gilpin, Glockenapfel, Gloria Mundi, Glowing Heart, Golden Delicious, Golden Delicious (Mullins), Golden Delicious (Spur Type), Golden Harvey, Golden Nugget, Golden Russet, Granny Smith, Gravenstein Washington Red, Grenadier, Grimes, Halls Pink, Harlson, Harrison, Harry Masters Jersey, Hawaii, Hewe's, Honey Ball, Honora, Hudson's Golden Gem, Idared, Irish Peach, Jean, Jefferis, Jonagold, Jonagrimes, Jonathan, Jonathan (Darwin's), July Red, July Tart, Kandil Sinap, Keepsake, Kidd's Orange Red, King David, Kingston Black, Kindal Sinap, Kinnaird’s Choice, Lady (Api), Lady Williams, Lemon Pippin, Liberty, Little Rosybloom, Lodi, Macoun, Makamik, Mantet, Milo Gibson, Minister, MN 1711, Mollie's Delicious, Mother, Mott's Pink, Natalie, Nehou, NJ 55, Noel des Champs, Northern Spy, Ozark Gold, Palmer Greening, Pink Pearl, Pink Sugar, Pitmaston Pineapple, Prairie Spy, Profusion, Pumpkin Russet, Ravin, Red Cinnamon, Red Delicious (Hawkeye), Redfeild, Red Royal Limbertwig, Rome, Roter Ananas, Roxbury Russet, Royal Limbertwig, Ruby Limbertwig, Russet King, Seek No Further, Smith's Cider, Smokehouse, Spitzenburg (Esopus), Spitzenburg (Newtown), St Edmunds Russet, State Fair, Stayman, Sugar Thyme, Summer Song, Summer Treat, Sunrise, Sweet 16, Swiss Limbertwig, Thorgauer Weinapfel, Tollman Sweet, Tom Putt, Uralian Butter, Vanderpool Red, Victoria Limbertwig, Winesap, Winter Banana, Winter Red, Wolf River, Yarlington Mill, Yates, Yellow Transparent, Yellow Transparent (Prairie), York, X-4982 cv., Zuccalmaglio


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