Seckel Pear


Philadelphia, PA where it was discovered growing wild in the early 1800’s.


Imagine shrinking a pear to magnify flavor, and you have the Seckel. It’s a multi use pear but, outstanding for cooking and fresh eating because of it’s syrupy sweetness, finer texture.  Unique flavor, self pollination and disease resistance make Seckel a great pear to grow.

  • Uses: Fresh Eating, Cooking, Wine, Canning
  • Flavor: Sweet, Hint of Spice
  • Fruit Size: Small
  • Pollination: Partially self-fruitful, another pear variety other than Bartlett improves pollination.
  • Ripens: Mid-August-September, may require additional ripening after harvest.
  • Keeps 2-3 Months in Cold Storage if under ripe.
  • Fireblight: Resistant
  • USDA Zones: 5-8