Now Accepting Orders For Fall 18′ / Spring 19′.

Local Pickup by-appointment.  Shipping available for $38.50 Flat Rate per order. No sales to CA, AZ, OR, WA, HI due to importation restrictions.

Bare Root Dormant Trees:  3’ to 5’, Grafted, Field Grown trees (for the largest root system possible). Ships Dec 15th to April 15th.

Apple Trees: 30 varieties of apple selected for disease resistance, wildlife / deer plantings or cider production.  On SALE for A Limited Time $12.50 Each.

Pear Trees: Several of the most disease resistant pears available.  Some varieties offered on a Semi-Dwarf rootstock that starts bearing fruit in half the time.  On SALE for A Limited Time $13.50 Each.

Persimmon Trees: An assortment of select American and Hybrid Asian varieties available.  Very Limited quantities. $18.50 Each


Potted Trees: LOCAL PICKUP ONLY Available for Fall planting now. Very Limited quantities.


Apple Trees: Assorted Variety of smaller 2’ to 3” Grafted Trees $7.50 each

Paw Paw: Small 1’ to 2’ Seedling trees $3.50 Each

Jujube: Small Seedling 6” to 8” $5.00Each.

Fig: Chicago Hardy Variety $20 Each.

6 thoughts on “Now Accepting Orders For Fall 18′ / Spring 19′.”

  1. I’m interested in Honeycrisp and Braeburn. Do you have any in pots? Looking for larger trees.



    1. Dan, we sell one bareroot 1 year trees. Our “Honey” apple trees are genetically identical to Honeycrisp. Honeycrisp is trademarked but, there plant patent is expired ;).

  2. I have space for one maybe two fruit trees. Would you be able to graft multiple varieties onto one tree?


    1. I do not offer multi grafted trees. You could graft on additional varieties as the tree matures.

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