Origin: 1900’s Illinois

Description:  An old strain of Jonathan said to be superior to others of the same variety.  Brought to us for propagation by a customer who named it after his dad, Darwin Clupper. “He was a navy chaplain and a minister. The tree was a big standard in our back yard in Jacksonville Illinois during my childhood…we made enormous amounts of cider..about 25 feet high and a foot plus across trunk. I got the cutting around 1980 just before it died….I figured it had to be planted near the turn of the century”

Uses: Fresh Eating, Cider

Flavor: Sweet Sharp

Fruit Size: Medium

Flowering period:


Vigor: Meduim- Higher


Chill Hours:

Keeps: 6mo

Scab:  Susceptible

Fireblight: Very Susceptible

Cedar Apple Rust:  Susceptible