39th Parallel Apple


Lawrence, KS


A large old tree on our homestead where we eagerly await it’s large red juicy sweet apples each year. Excellent to eat off the tree and melts into world class apple butter after a few hours in the crock pot.  Multiple trunks coming from below ground of the original tree lead us to believe it’s  a seedling formally used as a root stock for a long gone variety it was originally grafted to.  Shows good overall disease resistance but is susceptible to Black Rot.

  • Uses: Fresh Eating, Cooking, Cider
  • Flavor: Sweet, Lower Acid
  • Fruit Size: Large
  • Flowering period: 3 Mid-Season
  • Ploidy: Diploid ?
  • Vigor: Low- Medium
  • Ripens: Early-Midseason Septemper 1 – 15th
  • Chill Hours:
  • Keeps 4-6 Months in Cold Storage
  • Scab:  – Some Resistance
  • Fireblight:  – Resistant
  • Cedar Apple Rust:  – Very Resistant